How to Wear the EaRap™ Wire Ear Cuffs

All EaRap™ ear cuff earrings are made of 20 gauge 14 Kt. gold-filled or sterling silver wire. They are designed to be adjusted for a secure, comfortable, custom fit.

EaRaps™ can be worn just like any traditional handcrafted ear cuffs, they sit just above the ridge of the ear cartilage.

Once you have a comfortable fit, you can slide your ear wrap off the way you put them on. They should be so comfortable you'll forget you\'re wearing them.

If necessary, the EaRap™ ear cuff can be reshaped nicely around a Sharpie marker.

    To tighten, squeeze the EaRap™ and bend the bottom (and/or top) portion to fit to the contour line of your ear.


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